@ShashaSelflove 5/31/18 – Waiting Room

Hey, I have not posted in a couple of weeks. So much has been happening, between holding by breath and catching my breath I haven’t had much time for much. As I sat in each doctor’s office I thought to myself, “I am in another waiting room, waiting to be examined and in another waiting room waiting for results.” But while I was waiting, life continued. There is not waiting around for things to happen, (unless it is coffee, it is worth it) we have to make life happen. As of recent, my slows downs have been moments of reflection for me – it is rare for me sit quietly. Hence the waiting room was a place of meditation and a catapult. Adding life to your years is so much better than adding years to your life.

I have been working hard, it is a source of pride for me. I was raised with a hard work ethic – no excuses, make your bed, do your best, wake up early and never give up. As first generation, I was taught that I had only two choices: make us proud or be a shame. I didn’t take it as pressure, I took it as a challenge. Well into a 15 year career and looking to start a second one, I still accept challenges and I still treat every day like it is my first day on the job. However, as of recent I have not been getting a return on my investment of time, sleep, rest and peace. Not being recognized is no longer an inspiration to work hard, instead it is turning me elsewhere. My gaze rises to other horizons and the allure of a new challenge entices me.

So just like that, life has happened. What I once glowed about is dim in my life. The time I put in has taught professional and personal lessons that cannot be compared. And now, instead of continuing to use the same knowledge to do the same work, I am taking my knowledge and experience elsewhere. There is no guilt, no one should feel guilty about pushing towards their progress and satisfaction. Your tool box is never full, but if your choose to stagnant yourself you won’t have more tools added. Progress means turning your sights onto something that is delightful and frightening. Go for it! Big Hug!

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