ShashaSelflove 6/07/18 – I am Ruthless


As of recent, I have been swinging my sword around.  Severing ties, cutting off useless distractions, ignoring selfish nonsense and declaring my independence from drama. Because of my stance, I have been called selfish and ruthless – I have been called worse. I can take the critique of those that want me to lower my sword so they can infiltrate my peace, but I won’t give in. I am ruthless (I can live with that).

Have you decided to be “selfish”? I must sound insane, most define themselves as loving and giving, being selfish has such a negative connotation.  But what about you? Don’t you deserve inner peace?  Don’t you have the opportunity to attempt to live your best life?  You work to the point of exhaustion, you check in with loved ones, you are the shoulder everyone cries on and when you take time for you – the accusation that you are self centered is made.  How does that make sense? It is perfectly acceptable to take a stand and say no. No to whatever you don’t want to enter or continue to exist in your life.

It seems like if you don’t have something that others can benefit from, folks don’t want to be around you. At times “friendships” are suddenly formed when you are moving up the ladder of life. Do I still sound crazy? Probably to the person that wants to eat up every ounce of what you have to offer. Whoever, you have a right to your peace and demand to have non-opportunistic people in your life. If you ask for distance or time to work out your thoughts and are met with disagreement – perhaps it is time to be ruthless. Big Hug!

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