@ShashaSelflove 7/17/18 – Walk On Water


There are way too many pots on the stove. I have put all of the pots to simmer, sauté, grill and sear. So now I have to wait until everything is ready for the next step if the process. Probably the most difficult part of the process, at least for me.

I hold my breath, did I put enough salt? Was the temperature right? I forgot the garlic, right? No? Ugh! For me, it is that interview, restarting weight loss and an attempt a scary new adventure. In my head, I am walking on water, deep and dark – I could fall deep into the abyss beneath me, be pulled in by a hungry creature or nothing – just step back on to the shore safely.

It is an unnerving place to be because I have trouble letting it flow and letting the path open up to where I am supposed to go, I feel like I am on standby. I can set the table, put down the plates and silverware, get started on fixing dessert. My mind is still on those pots, I check to see that nothing is burning, smell to see if any seasonings are missing. As I carefully inspect, I also make sure not to interrupt the cooking process. As much as try to give it time, nothing is ready to serve.

My impatience is an obstacle that I have to overcome. I work on it everyday, just like no one wants to eat undercooked food – you cannot get to your goals prematurely. Staying positive is key, deep breaths help and trusting that you did everything at its due time gives you peace. Be daring enough to walk on the water. Be wise enough to know that you can handle what comes and can handle being prudent enough to wait for the right time for things to happen. Big Hug!

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2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 7/17/18 – Walk On Water

  1. There is so much wisdom in this post! I am one who loves coming up with ideas, starting things, but oh how impatient I get when trying to see them through. I want them done in this microwave style though I never eat microwaved food. Your cooking analogy spoke to me in that sense. I’d never take a dish out before it’s done yet I often want to complete a goal and move on to the next. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the process. ~Shell

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