ShashaSelflove 8/21/18 – Peace


There is no “one” search, it seems that there are multiple searches going on at the same time – we are looking for successful careers, glowing skin, cheap flights, comfortable shoes and…peace. Those are all different categories, yet they have a common thread. It is always the underlying intention, to be able to find a cease-fire on what is making you agitated. But, just like happiness, peace is a goal only you can achieve for yourself and by yourself. At your core, the search starts with the acceptance that this is a commodity that is worth any sacrifice it may require. Giving up persons, places, people and things are examples of sacrifices that are made in order to achieve the end result of a placid and solid existence in this tumultuous world.

I have spent a good amount of my life in the lost and found. In that I have found a place of comfort, stability and just like that – I am lost again. Just when I think everything has fallen into place, an incident occurs that kicks everything out of order. My ambition gets the best of me, especially in my professional endeavors. I want growth, I want the title and of course the pay check. My stubbornness has led me to make some imprudent decisions, I wouldn’t right out call them mistakes because the lessons learned were well worth it. On the other hand my strong headedness has also stopped me from making other decisions. Again, wisdom was my reward in all instances.

As I have purchased everything from jewelry to plane tickets, the pay check has become a means to make life more comfortable.  But peace is something I can’t purchase, it is ongoing balance of traffic and mindfulness.  Focus is so important in this process.

If I am saying anything, I am encouraging you to take stock, what is creating negative noise in your life? A “friend”? A job? That pain in your back? What is making you distracted and uncomfortable? I can’t answer those questions for you, what may be annoying to me may be of enjoyment to you. So no one can take inventory on your life, once you do – elimination of the noise and annoyance will bring you one step closer to peace. You can do this! Big Hug!

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