@ShashaSelflove 8/28/18 – Along The Way

man on a boat in the outer space with colorful cloud,illustration

Truth is that it is hard to ruin something that is meant for you, that being said – my “meant to be” has taken much more than I would have like, but it happened when I needed it the most.

Waiting is not my forte. I think I have mentioned that plenty of times, working on being patient has been the toughest lesson of my life. My mother tells me that when I was a little girl I was okay with waiting, if I wanted a toy she would tell me to wait and I would be totally fine with her response. At 38, I have put in 15 years into a career that has given me bad knees and gray hair – where is my promotion?! Where is the respect? Why am I still here?

Deep breath. Ok, so I haven’t left because I love what I do. The daily challenges of maintaining a chainsaw juggling act has its allure.  I give my all and get more in return – along the way I receive heaping spoons of scoldings, humiliation, disrespect, contempt and degradation. What’s not to love? Right? I have decided to take the high road and put my work as a showcase, someone will notice the value of my efforts – I will continue put in all because that is who I am.

Other events in my life have flourished, taken off in a totally unexpected way. And perhaps, just maybe – that is where I am supposed to be. I am at peace because I have finally accepted that my journey is at the step where it is supposed to be. The moments that I am experiencing are my full focus and I celebrate them because I am at a stop in my journey that is totally unexpected and is filling my heart in most loving way. So it will come, the career growth and everything else.

It will come for you as well. Stay true to yourself, don’t let anyone get you out of your character. Stay firm along your path because what is meant to come to you at exactly the right time. Maybe I am learning how to be patient…big hug!

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