@ShashaSelflove 9/11/18 – Owning It


There are some days that we don’t take a moment to reflect on exactly why people treat us the way that they do. Did we offend them? Did I say something or do something to make people think I am disrespectful? The look on my face often gives people the impression that I am aggravated (resting bitch face runs in my family). Did my presence aggravate or improve the circumstance?

I have to hold myself responsible for my participation in the matter. Regardless of how bad I made myself look, my behavior and/or response to the situation was the only thing that I could control. I cannot control the behavior of others, I cannot rethink your thoughts – hence, my role was to reflect and respond in the best way possible. Reflect being the hard part.

We don’t always take time to reflect, to take a look within and inventory of what we have to contribute or have already given away. That isn’t an option, yes you read correctly. There can no longer be a “tumble down the stairs” approach to life, because that is how you break an ankle. That is how you break relationships, hearts and your life. Own what you did and used the reflection to improve on what you do. It takes a lot of self examination but it is all worth it in the end. This isn’t some exercise in self punishment, more so it is giving yourself the opportunity to grow.

You can do this! Big Hug!

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7 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 9/11/18 – Owning It

    1. Do you speak truth? Speak truth, your delivery will affect if people will hear you. Keep up the self improvement!

      1. There you go! I am working on this myself. It is about putting the right words together and taking emotion out of it. Work in progress! Thank you for checking in!

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