@ShashaSelflove 10/19/18 – Two Steps


There is so much going on that everything seems to be in spin cycle, it is exciting and scary all at the same time. School, work and an actual social life takes the air right out of my lungs. The strange part is that I had been working towards this all along and all at once it came together. It never is one thing at a time, just like that it is a sprint towards exploring this different world.

That’s life, right? So much preparing, praying and watching from the sidelines until it is finally your turn. There is so much excitement surrounding it all that I have to remind myself to take it all in, a snap shot helps memorialize how all it took was one step in front of the other. Truth be told, that is the hardest thing to do.

We each struggle with something in our lives. It is sitting there waiting for us to finally address it, we procrastinate and make excuses because it is hard. As hard as it is, there is so much value in the experience. Are we afraid that will won’t succeed at the task or is it that we aren’t sure where to start? Fear of failure or rejection can hold us back from achieving the dreams that can help complete us and even heal us. Don’t give into the idea that you aren’t worthy of a chance, you often are the first one to block an opportunity that has been specifically designed for you. Your journey has brought you to where you need to be.

Stay positive in your moments of doubt, do your due diligence to see what challenges are up ahead and then – go for it! You have sacrificed enough, no longer will you wait for your turn because it is your turn. Go forth, make sure to take it all in along the way and shine. Big Hug!

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10 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 10/19/18 – Two Steps

  1. You are EVERYTHING!!! When I read your blogs, I feel this huge pride… like yea… that’s my buddy! I know this girl in real life! I love you, Shashita! Keep rockin’

    1. Sweetheart thank you so much for all of the years of support and advice. I look for to seeing you soon and thank you so much for all of the love!

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