@ShashaSelflove 10/30/18 – Unexpected Alien

From two different worlds, nothing but breathing in common. We come across people along the way that help us navigate with clearer understanding, that open our eyes to a world we didn’t know anything about. If we hadn’t given ourselves the opportunity to open our minds to the amazing gift that this total stranger has brought to our life, what would have happened? The unexpected alien has landed their ship on the runway of your airport, we have the option to let them land or redirect their flight. I say give it a chance, you may not be so different.

In class on Saturday (I am starting a 2nd M.S. degree) we were given list of attributes and instructed to check off the ones you have, the ones your friends have and finally to check off attributes that a non-friend has. My friend had about 6 checks were I had mine and the non-friend had none. Easy! Right? Well, no – there were things about the non-friend I just didn’t know because I haven’t taken the time to find out. Maybe they are introverted or can make homemade pasta, like me. Perhaps they have traveled to a part of the world I have only seen in pictures. Welcome the alien, let them open your eyes to their world.

I recently allowed someone totally different than me enter my life, I am so happy I did. In a time where isolation is becoming popular, in a time where our differences are used as weapons against each other – make our differences a positive thing by embracing them. Celebrate the chance of being an expected alien to someone as they are to you. Their world is waiting. Big hug!

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