@ShashaSelflove 11/13/18 – Another Voice

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How are you feeling today? You don’t have to say the automatic, “good” because some days you just aren’t. Some days you want to toss everything out the window and move to another planet. Some days you are exhausted of taking care of others and yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone show you the love and care that you give? Would I (or you) allow someone to say that they are going to take care of me because I am deserving of such a gesture? The concept sounds easy enough but it requires trust, it requires someone that has the right intentions and wants to be your peace.

As I have gotten older, I talk to more and more women about self love, about not feeling guilty about taking time for the little things they like to do and how it is perfectly fine to say no. I have trouble allowing others to do for me, most days my super fueled OCD won’t allow it. I can already hear my own voice, “It is okay, I like to do it my way.”, however there are days that I barely have the time nor the energy to pour a cup of coffee – I will admit that it would be a relief to have someone else take over.

It wouldn’t be easy for me, I can only imagine it being more of a hostage situation than a treaty agreement. There is a lot of baggage involving trust and vulnerability, which I have built impenetrable walls around. There are concerns for traveling to a place I have never been before, I don’t even have a map! Or a clue! Or a vowel!

So as much as I preach the gospel of self love, I also would say that those that you have allowed around you want to show you love as well. Let them. Because you are worthy. Let them because we have loved so much and all that unanswered love is on it’s way back to you. Welcome it because we all need to experience the warm, embracing words, “I love you”, from a voice that isn’t our own. I am not saying it is going to be without challenge – in previous attempts the lowering of our guard has crushed our heart and hopes. When it comes from the right intention, it will put your broken pieces back together. Big hug!
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10 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 11/13/18 – Another Voice

  1. This is a really good post and I think it’s so important! I feel like there’s a shame around wanting to be loved by others. Wanting love and care from others doesn’t have to be synonymous with a lack of self-love. There’s always space for both to coexist.

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