@ShashaSelflove 12/12/18 – There You Are

I don’t like all of the “Year in Review” stuff that happens around this time of year. Also, all of the “Top 10 things to do in the New Year”, it is usually the same lists. Let me guess, 1. Get to the gym 2. Get a make over 3. Travel 4. Learn to boil water 5. Figure out what that bump in your arm is 6. Yoga 7. Lose weight 8. Go to that therapy appointment you have been rescheduling 9. Achieve your goals 10. Find world peace, so easy. I propose something else, make a list of people, places and things that you love.

Stay with me, be thorough, grab some scrap paper and write out at random what and who you love. Those that have made a significant difference in your journey. That person that stopped what they were doing to listen to you when you needed it the most. That one person that gives you goosebumps, they may not even know it. That item your mother gave you. The restaurant that gives you nostalgia. Those that have made you laugh and those that said something you didn’t want to hear but needed to. Your favorite jogging pants or your favorite cafe. Write and remember as much as you can. Flesh it all out and take as long as you need.

Still with me? Look at your list, your combined scraps of paper of random scribbles of what came to mind. Let your eyes zoom in and out from the page. What are you missing there? There is an item that I can guarantee is missing. Do you see your name? How long did it take you to realize your name was missing? Did you recognize how much you push yourself to be who you are? Do you give yourself credit for your accomplishments? Write your name down between doodles and jottings. Love all that you love, please include yourself as well. You have to have first place on that top ten list! Big hug!

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