@ShashaSelflove 12/25/18 – The Traveler

Maybe there is no home, perhaps along the way you didn’t lose your way back there – it just wasn’t part of your experience. In a world where we are accustomed to partaking in a shared story of having a place of comfort and a place of origin, most of us do not share a place of destination. And then there are those of us that do not have a place to rest our heads, as weary as we may seem there is no place that can give us comfort. Past the border to exhaustion is a euphoric sense of comfort knowing that are no longer experiences, just encounters. As temporary as they may seem, each encounter leaves a jewel – twinkling in our memory are a sign or as a warning when a similar encounter approaches.

Have you had a traveler along your path? A dark stranger holding a suitcase and as your eyes met you saw the yearning to find a home they do not know how to find and quite possibly don’t want to. You are not aware of what is causing their affliction, but your wanting to relieve them of so much pain and anguish resides within them. They are not aware of their condition and being that they have never had someone actually care, they are wary of your offer. As you attempt to get close, your offer is rebuffed – the traveler is a survivor and self-preservation is first nature. They don’t know if accepting your offer is going to stop them from being able to travel, which at this point has become their source of comfort. It is the fallacy that they have told themselves to help walking away feel less painful.

Look at it like this:
Rocks collide causing the rocks to chip and sand creates resistance acting like sand paper to smooth the stones. Who is the broken rock? The sand? The smooth stone? The collision?
The traveler struggles to share because they may be lost and not understanding what they are going through, distance becomes comfortable because they aren’t able to express their feelings. As they are studying you to see if you are safe, solid and dependable – you remain consistent in who you are. Be true to yourself and don’t settle for half explanations or excuses. Stay positive in knowing that if the traveler doesn’t unpack their suitcase with you, it wasn’t because there wasn’t a place for them to it – rather they didn’t allow themselves the opportunity to rest their minds. Find the lesson, find the reason why you crossed paths and allow it to be. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand it at the time.
Big Hug and Happy Holidays!

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    1. Noooooo! Thank you! I always enjoy feedback and hearing how people connect with the message. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks again!

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