@ShashaSelflove 1/09/18 – Surrender to Freedom

It sounds like an odd concept, surrender to be bound and laying down your arms to another power. How can that submission turn into freedom? Stay with me, even I get my own words confused in my head. But in all honesty, we can find freedom in walking right into our fears and allowing ourselves to confront what has us bound by trusting. It is so tempting to stay in our safe space, but are you really free there?

So what is keeping you from surrendering? Fear. It could be fear of trusting, fear a leaving, fear of something new. Fear is holding us hostage from being able to live our fullest life. So in a way, overcoming the obstacles that hold us back is conquering the fear that restrains us.

Take the dangerous flirtation that is love. We have all been burned to various degrees – all of it hurting and memorable in the sting you experienced. Some of us retreat, refusing to allow someone else back into our lives. Some of us have superficial interacts so that no one can look in our eyes and see the waves of pain that flows through them. And some hover, they allow someone to get close but there is a moat that no one can pass. Almost like a permanent yield sign around their perimeter, you can only get to the gate – but not step into their garden.

That isn’t fair to either person, what if they have something pure to give you? What is you are turning away good intentions and devotion? Fear is isolating you from the very thing that can put back together the pieces of you that are broken – and you deserve to heal. I understand being cautious, wanting to make careful observations. And please believe me when I tell you that I overly enjoy my solitude more than anyone – but there comes a time where you have to break free from being comfortable in arrested emotional development. Take a look, measure twice and cut once – there will be challenges. There will also be an experience that you are passing up because of fear, don’t allow it to be taken away from you. You can do this, I am doing it too. Big Hug!
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