@ShashaSelflove 2/13/19 – Balancing Act


There is something to be said about people who work well together, as it is in life – you can’t pick your family or your coworkers. Considering that I have a vast wealth of having less than preferred mixture of both, I find it fascinating when there are a group of people that gel in such a way that it leads to progress and grace.

The other night, while my hair stylist was making an attempt to make me presentable – which trust me is a huge task that takes patience and wine (yes, I see myself better when I have wine). There he was, Jose, my metro-sexual and super exotic hair stylist that has been my hair therapist for 12 years. He is fabulous, tan skin and a giant smile make you feel fabulous right when you greet him. Life was good to me and allowed me to meet this beautiful human who has given me a smile when all I wanted to do is cry. And of course, Ryan – it is hard to describe him, he is a fire works display and a delicate flower all rolled into one. Happy and very real both make my day when I see them, I have been through a lot of struggles in the last 12 years so when I go to have my hair cut I am able to experience a real laugh and a soothing experience. How do these two manage to make it work?

I could talk about the dynamic between personality and transcendental experiences bringing a center of common experiences that pull people closer to one another on an unconscious and non-ego level or…I could keep it simple. When I see Jose and Ryan, I see two people that have been able to be coworkers and supporters of one another. When I met Ryan he was cutting hair and giggling, Jose was coloring hair, doing weddings and figuring out what to do with the mess on my head – today Ryan owns the salon where Jose makes his fantastic life changing hair creations. They support one another and most importantly, they respect each others art and space.  I really think that is the answer and if we as coworkers, family members and friends can commit to do that – our coexistence would be healthier. What do you think? Big hug!

Shameless plug – although I do not want to share Jose, I absolutely must! If you are in the NYC area and want the best hair experience you have ever had come on by to Avi Hair in Forest Hills 718-459-5500.

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