@ShashaSelflove 2/26/19 – In The Fight


Change causes all kinds of anxiety, it isn’t that I don’t like change – to the contrary nothing makes me feel like I am progressing like a change in routine. Delving into the unknown, in uncertain surroundings and limited resources is crippling. I only have but so many people I trust (none of which are in the room) and yet I am supposed to be open and available to this new group of people that I have to establish trust with. Thoughts of self doubt start to creep their way into my ears, self talk gets negative and defenses go very high. I don’t have the option of not going to work (I forgot to win the lottery) and I can’t go backwards in my career path, what was the point of taking the challenge on in the first place? The question isn’t “Do I stay in the fight?”, it is more like, “Which fight do I stay in?”. I don’t have to many options there either, hence – gloves on and here I go!

We all have to overcome our fears, take a deep breath and come to the reality that you have to stay the course. You can’t give up, even when it seems like all that cards are stacked against you – you are in the place where you are supposed to be because there is a purpose for you there. Someone else may see you push through your struggles and draw strength from your example, you may also need to inspire yourself. How? Well, I have looked back many a time in my life and wondered how I got through it. From health to divorce to commuting every day in NYC, I honestly don’t know how I have survived my life. And in the moment, I didn’t think about it – I just pushed through. During those moments when I think I can’t, I think about similar thoughts in the past. I have found inspiration in knowing that my experiences were not in vain and gave me the tools that I need to get to the next step. Stay positive in knowing that you get through whatever situation you have to confront, because you have been preparing for it all along.

Don’t let the anxiety get the best of you, let the rush of the new adventure push towards were you are supposed to be. Big hug!

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