@ShashaSelflove 3/12/19 -Switch Gears

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I am trying to be my best and I am still falling short. My sweat which was once sufficient doesn’t get it done anymore. Hence, I go back into my tool box – the hammer and nails, computers and routers there are my usual go to items. I have had to open my eyes to the fact that if I want different results I am going to have to take a different approach.

We go into situations and draw from experience, with our knowledge and the information in front of us we are able to draw conclusions. Unconsciously, we pull from what we have done in the past and figure our situations. It is just certain matters in our lives that are stones we keeping tripping over. I want different results strongly enough that I am willing to something totally different to get to my goals.

There must be something that we love strongly enough that we want it to finally workout. It is an internal struggle because as much as I want to push, I most certainly don’t want to push it away. Stay positive, ask questions and don’t give up on your goals. Big Hug!

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