@ShashaSelflove 3/19/19 – So There


Last week I went ahead and published a collection of blog entries compiled into a book.  Was it perfect? No. Was it when I wanted? I am never going to do it unless I jump in. As committed as I am to this blog, I have huge doubts if anyone feels connected to it. However, it is all about being 100% committed to the vision and doing what you must to get to goal. That means falling, that means learning and that means dealing with doubts. Thick skin, cover me now! I am only getting started, what about you?

I have had a few unexpected changes as of recent, certain situations in my life changed for the better – and some changed in such a negative manner that I had to take a breath just to process it all. Where does this all lead? I am rolling up my sleeves and attempting to piece it all together while still pushing forward.

I can’t stop fate, I can’t redirect destiny. It has been very hard to submit to that, but what I can do is continue to focus on my goals and learn my path. It is not longer about fighting where I am going, it is about embracing the challenges that lead me to where I am supposed to be. Breathe deeply, we can do this! Big Hug!

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