@ShashaSelflove 4/22/19 – OMW


Photo Credit: IG Marco Melgrati @m_melgrati

Feet firmly planted on the ground even though the wind is trying to knock you down. It often feels that way, you think that you have your footing and that you are going in the right direction. All of a sudden the leaves are blown clean off the branches and you are bare. Your firm steps are now redirected because that was just a distraction, the main event awaits you. Don’t beat yourself up for getting distracted, this is part of the journey that deepens your emotional connection to the path.

We are continuously step forward and extend our hand, reaching for someone to reach back and when someone who appears to be genuine finally laces their fingers with yours it inspires hope. It turns out to be a distraction with several lessons tucked in their back pocket. Are we surprised? At this point no, truth is that I have had to accept that each soul that I encounter along my journey is a messenger. Some bring me hope, some bring me sorrow and others remind me of how important self love is. I have had to accept the terms and conditions of these cosmic encounters, they are all for growth.

Stay on course, allow the pause to happen and survive the experience with grace. You are growing in ways that you haven’t never anticipated. Let the excitement of what is coming in your direction be so exhilarating that the pain you went through seem worth it. Welcome the lesson, you are on your way. Big Hug!

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