@ShashaSelflove 4/30/19 – Lungs

20190430_2017541707299979455513551.jpgIG: @marco_melgrati

Coming undone takes the air right out of your lungs, you don’t expect it to collapse you the way that it does – it is a sudden blindsiding moment. I have been sharing with my coworkers something that I say to myself in an almost chant-like way, “I cannot react, I can only respond”. You have something so precious in the palm of your hand, you have carefully made time to cultivate it and just like that it is ripped away from you, how does one respond? Have I been guilty of reacting first? Yes. Did I stop and remind myself to respond? Yes. Was it painful? It still is.

The picture above seems daunting, but it is how you learn to ride the wave that gets you through our most challenging phases. Does the wave overwhelm us or do we figure out how to swim through it? The waves are unforgiving, they drain you of all you energy as you try to paddle through. You are going to struggle, you may sink a few times and then you are able to navigate. I am learning that life requires you to learn how to steer yourself through. The journey is there for the taking, but it never promised to be easy.

Stay the course, ride the wave – no matter how overwhelming it may seem. Stay positive with yourself and it is okay to have failures. Those are the rouge waves we didn’t see coming – you will overcome those too. Forgive yourself for reacting, you are human and are allowed to feel. Always know, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. Big Hug!

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