@ShashaSelflove 5/14/19 – Confident


Being self critical is important, but at what point does the criticism go to self reflective to self destructive? I have struggled for a long time with this topic, I have tried my best to put my short comings at front and center so that I have the ability to resolve them. I can be harsh – not so much with other people as much as I am with myself. So, do I continue to beat myself to a pulp or do I start to allow myself some room to be human? Let’s go with the “be human” option, beating myself up has left one to many scars.

So here we are, humans – I wonder how we appear to other species. The Aldabra tortoise can live to be anywhere from 80 to 120 years old. If they could speak, can you imagine how they would express their interpretations of us? “They beat themselves and each other up and then they talk about world peace. Oh, after that they try to eat us.”  It would be quite the observation, insightful and neutral. I say we attempt to observe ourselves through our strengths, the qualities that help push us through the day. I propose that we look at our shortcomings as projects that are under construction, improving function and design. Everyone has a different list, not that it is better or worse – it is just unique to you.

Allow yourself the ability to welcome the “wrong” so you can address it, celebrate the “right” in your life so it can inspire you. Our friend the tortoise may speak differently of us, “They try to love themselves and spread love to others. Oh, and they ate chicken and vegetables.” Let us have a point of reflection that is honest and proactive, keeping in mind all of the positive. You have to start somewhere, it doesn’t have to be from a place of pain. Big hug!

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