@ShashaSelflove 6/13/19 – Turn The Page…


Photo Credit: Robert Clark – National Geographic

Give yourself permission to let yourself reopen that book, there is so much to read beyond the page that you are on. It is not that you are dismissive of the beginning of the book, it is almost like you are holding yourself back from reading the rest – you cannot linger on the page that you are on. There is so much in your story to be written and parts of it are already on paper. Turn the page because your story is worth reading – you just have to open yourself to continue. Stop standing in your way.

It happens, we get stuck in a cycle – with people, places and things. We keep dating the same type, keep going to the same poor-service restaurant, we keep the same toxic people around and you don’t understand why things don’t change. Hmm. There is a condition to staying in your comfort zone, if makes you suffer – but you don’t want to be cured of it. The remedy is available and yours for the taking, don’t allow your fears to sabotage you and keep you from reaching the potential you know you have.

Yes, it is going to be hard – progress requires a level of discomfort. Prepare yourself, study, train or do anything else that is required of you. Talk to the right people with purpose and accept every setback as training for the road ahead. The only way to achieve great outcomes is to have failure and hardships.

Let’s go back to thinking of yourself as that book, each page a glorious expression of curiosity and imagination. Each word making you bloom as the reader discovers you. Envision yourself as both the author, editor and reader – allowing for revisions along the way. Let’s do this. Big hug!

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