@ShashaSelflove 6/25/19 – Let’s Do This


Being comfortable is a place the lulls you into complacency. Very easy to get into and very difficult to get out of, we have to motivate ourselves to stay out of comfort zones because it hinders our progress. Let’s push ourselves to stay challenged intellectually as well as physically – because contentment isn’t equal to fulfillment.

I am there all the time, like a true Taurus my nature tells me to fight like hell to achieve a goal and then rest into a cozy stupor. I forget about all the other goals, all the projects in progress and I always forget that I am no where near the finish line. I force myself to stay at a steady pace and even run projects parallel to each other so my attention is focused. I should be prosecuted for all the time I have misspent on thoughts, anxiety, distraction and quests. But I have learned to redirect my fear into power, by not being intimidated – I have noticed that when I have a solid plan, my anxiety subsides and the motivation is there to get me through the challenge.

It is easy to get negative, but we can’t allow ourselves to stay unfulfilled. There is so much life to be had, so many goals to accomplish and you have to love yourself enough to recognize that you are worth the effort. Stay positive and stay grounded, big hug!

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