@ShashaSelflove 7/15/19 – Good Intentions

I haven’t posted in a while, between work and life, I need to sleep. I finally have an awake moment that has allowed me to stay still, so of course I have to keep myself busy by writing. One of the strongest family traits that runs hot in me is being a workaholic, not all of us have it, but those of us that do have the dark circles around are eyes. That’s how you can tell.

So what is the title about? It is about not allowing anyone to take advantage of you. You have the best of intentions to help and support those around you, however there are those that don’t appreciate what you have done and only expect more. A favor becomes and demand and a “no problem” becomes a burden. Don’t ever think that you have to hold the pattern of being the giver, there is no guilt in allowing people to take care of their own obligations.

It feels wrong, some of us have been conditioned to be the person that fixes the issue or makes sure that there is no issue to solve. In that process people will make use of your abilities and abuse your good will. Stop. I will say it again, Stop.
You have good intentions, but we the givers must also have limits to our participation. Our trials have made us develop character, use that to stand up for yourself. Everyone has to figure out their obstacles, it is not your responsibility to fix it for them.

Ever observe birds? They push their young out of the nest and well…they don’t hesitate, it is fly or crash. When you had a situation, did you have someone to help you fly? No, you didn’t. And you figured it out. They can as well.

I can go on and on about this subject, it is a lesson that I have to keep reminding myself of. I frequently have failed myself in remembering that I don’t have to carry anyone – I can simply be supportive. And nothing more. Like me, let’s keep that in mind. Big Hug!

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