@ShashaSelflove 8/6/19 – Gathering Fragments

It takes a lot to become whole again, the resilience to want to come to full circle again forces you to reconcile with what broke you into pieces. The hardest part is making peace with what hurt you so much, the fear that you feel defeated can keep you from taking this very necessary step – but you are braver than you know. Just think if it, you survived.

So as you contemplate the pieces that once made you whole, gather them piece by piece. Your smile, the curl in your hair, your tears, the way you slap your thigh when something is really funny, the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh and all the amazing parts that make you – you. Cry if you have to, until the tears start to burn and you can’t cry anymore. Or, eat some chocolate cake. Everyone has a different process, but a process none the less. Once it is all out of your system you are ready to put those pieces back together. The pieces don’t have to be put back together how they were before, just in a way that will give you peace.

How does that sound? I think it is doable, regardless of how challenging it may be – you are worth it. There is so much more left to do in the life and no set back is going to deny you that. The brilliant light that illuminates through every facet of who you are will warm you along the way. Keep gathering and keep going. Big Hug!

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