@ShashaSelflove 8/13/19 – Finding the Compass

When you are left in a position to be left, right and center – you have to figure out how to overcome. There is no opportunity to unload this situation to someone else or for another day. It is squarely on you to make a decision and proceed, but where to? We all want to find the direction that is the right path for us, the challenge is to define what that looks like on an individual level.

The purpose of life is finding what fulfills you the most, the meaning of life is to share that discovery with the world. Your purpose isn’t what your family says you should be or what people around you think you would “be good at”. Out there is a course of work that doesn’t feel like work, it invigorates you and inspires you to want seek out more. We have all witnessed someone loving what they do, someone who is excited to be sharing it with you and others who are totally out of place. We can learn from both.

Don’t seek the journey of least resistance, there are no challenges there – hence there is no fulfillment. Allow yourself some honest self-reflection, to take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and find what will lead you to inner peace and satisfaction. It will not be easy, everything that has value has a struggle attached to it. The end result and the subsequent thereafter are worth all of your effort. That is where your compass points. Big Hug!

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