@ShashaSelflove 10/15/19 – Let It Be

I took a break from everything and did some meditating on my down time, working 14 hour days and self healing is a balancing act. While sitting under the sun in Bermuda, I was reflecting on the situations in my life that have caused me agitations and a thought came to mind. Perhaps it was the coarse sand underneath me or the second round of whiskey, but it hit me loud – let it be. Stop worrying about what is already coming your way. Your path is waiting for you to obtain the tools you need to get to your place of fulfillment, it requires your peace and most certainly not your worry. I think the Jack and Ginger in my hand was right.Truth is, I owe myself a huge apology for being worried about everything that was out of my control. I tried to predict the outcome, I tried to love my way against my destiny, I wanted to hurry the process and all the while the process was speaking to me. The exhaustion interrupted my ability to see situations for what they were and once I allowed myself rest – I found the ability to let go of the reigns and walk through it. Nerve wrecking at first, I was liberated from the constant concern of the “what if” and enjoying the moment became the default setting.What is absorbing you? What infinite thought is whirling around in you mind that keeps you restless? I offer you the option of simply allowing certain circumstances to fall into place instead of shepherding the situation.Yes, you have to carry out some obligations – that credit card bill it not going to pay itself. But, in love and in life circumstances, there are some recipes that need time as the main ingredient. Let it go. Big hug!
Check out my friend Leonardo Carmichael:

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