@ShashaSelflove 12/22/19 – May the Road Lead You

I am not an expert on these things. Life presents a multitude of opportunities to fail, to learn and fail again. What I have experienced is the loving and forgiving way the journey has treated me, even when I was bruised up and broken.

Although there has been bitterness along the way, the road has lead me to a place of satisfaction and fulfillment. Some times, or most times we just have to allow ourselves to be lead.We often have an idea as to where we want to go, the destination that we see as our goal in life. Well, 18 years ago I saw myself married, with children, a career and a heavily stamped passport. The passport is stamped and the career is there, everything else…to be determined I suppose. I have had to remove myself from my rigidity and allow myself to be taught. Whereas I once thought that something was being taken away from me or denied, I have realized that something even better was coming towards me. Allowing myself to simply let go has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do – it has also been the most rewarding.

If I am sharing anything with you, it is that life has some interesting twists and turns. Most are surprising, few are disappointing and all teach you how to maneuver. True happiness happens when all the pieces come together and everything you went through finally makes sense. You can do this! Big hug!

Happy 2020, may the New Year bring you prosperity and joy! Thank you for supporting the blog!