@ShashaSelflove 1/27/20 – Pause

I was listening to David Sedaris, he asked “Did the story stop or did it end?” His words got stuck in my thoughts, he was definitely onto something. With so many things that I take on, I often put things down and leave it for another time when I really should have put it away and acknowledge that I am done with it. There a very different instances where I simply had to let things evolve and flourish. My forte has never been patience, so frustration quickly follows. How can we tell the difference of ending or waiting for it to end?

I have found in my most turbulent times to simply be still. It is not easy for me, I have a tendency to finish what I start – I set a schedule, make a task list and follow through until complete. But, most things in life aren’t that simple to grapple, they require you to step back and pause. I have learned in a very painful way that I have to let certain things unfold, certain milestones in my journey don’t need my excel sheet or my to-do list to get them done. I have found peace in the process.

Out of our comfort zone, yes. But it is okay to end something that is no longer serving us and it also okay to let something grow. That is the difference between you stopping it versus allowing it to end. You got this! Big hug!

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