@ShashaSelflove 2/04/20 – The Power to Heal

I was driving through my neighborhood and while stopped at the red light, I looked around. A middle school, a brick building on my left and a church on my right – the church having one of those signs you can change by hand. I was drawn to the statement written out in black letters, “The Power to Heal the World”. The light turned green and my thoughts were crowded by the concept of healing, I pulled away from the intersection convinced that this was something that I needed to talk about. The thick, black letters on the church sign danced around in my head, my thoughts kept going back to each individual has ability to heal themselves. What is the power to heal the world?

I think of my journey, I am healing. Divorced at 33, a challenging career, a diagnosis, a broken heart, addiction to chocolate, the inability to keep my gym schedule and the reminder that I am alone are hard to bare some times. Most days are good, I just have to navigate the tough days with fervor. I have licked my wounds and found a strength I never knew I had. Healing myself helped me see the broken people around me are.

There is power in being able to put yourself back together. Because you have been there, you can help others heal as well. Your experience can help you explain to others how to pull themselves out of their pain. If we each give a little bit of our healing to those that still gathering the collection of was once a solid self, I think we have the power to heal. We can do this! Big hug!

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