@ShashaSelflove 2/18/20 – Time Didn’t

Healing is a process that has no time table, your pain is valid and detaching from the intensity of your hurt can take a toll on you. As you continue on your journey, you realize that there is still pain associated to the circumstance you walked yourself out of. While remaining positive and pulling yourself though, it hits you. Time didn’t heal that wound, instead it lingers. Why can’t certain scars heal over while others disappear?

It happened again, someone got close and the walls that were so intricately arranged were taken down, only to be put right back up. This time with a bigger moat. It is a risk that we all take when we allow a new friend or love interest into our lives. We open up because being alone get unbearable sometimes. There is only so much I can take of myself before I get tired of me. There is a sting that stays on the skin after being bitten so hard.

I figure, it doesn’t go away because we need to be reminded. What enchanted you once has the opportunity to enchant you again if you forget how much it hurt you. Time doesn’t erase all wounds, battle scars are there to remind you of what you over came but the pain of certain scars warn you to not get into a battle you already won. It is my best guess as to why that pain stays. You can get through this, we are all doing it together! Big Hug!

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