@ShashaSelflove 2/25/20 – Where Do I Go From Here?

There is an ebb and flow to life that is unpredictable and inevitable. As we take shape, others are doing the same all around us. If you take a step back, please observe that we are all a work in progress, taking a moment to watch a flower bloom is a breathtaking experience if appreciated properly. So the flower has bloomed, so now what?

I am one of those people that is constantly evolving, I had a master’s degree and of course I went for a second one, I wanted to travel and I went on 3 different trips and I always walked away learning something about myself and others. But, now…I am at a stand still. I have no plans, I don’t feel like traveling much and I have grown fond of observing the short and beautiful moments around me. Something in the back of my mind is frustrated because it wants to learn, experience and roam. Presently, I have found a sense of satisfaction in experiencing what I have worked so hard for. The question is constantly tumbling around the back of my mind: Where do I go from here?

Experience tells me to take inventory and study what my next steps should be. Wisdom tells me that my past has to walk with me so I don’t make the same mistake twice. And that is where I am going from here. Where are you going? Stay positive my friends, you got this!

To Ryan, your path will lead you to where you need to be.

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