@ShashaSelflove 3/03/20 – Choose Love

We often have difficulty choosing what to do in situations that require our emotions. Sounds mechanical, lately I have had to be jealously selective about what I invest my emotions into. Hence, not a whole lot gets a response from me. As of recent, I have had some heavy choices to make. I have decided to choose love, it isn’t unconditional or free wheeling – and I have done that by design.

What am I talking about? Has ShashaSelflove decided to no longer love? No. On the contrary, I have chosen an exercise that provides me the peace and fulfillment that I long for. There are times where others want you to sacrifice every bit of yourself, bleed for their affection and attention. I don’t think that anyone has a right to request that of you – when it was demanded of me, I choose love. I choose to love myself so much that I refused to give into the mandate. Instead, I decided that this situation was no longer where I belonged.

This is why I say that it is not unconditional, you cannot give of yourself until you reach a point where you hate yourself for trying so hard. No one should have so much power over you, no one should have the very best of you for only crumbs in return and you do deserve to receive the best of what you give. Whether you choose self love or to give love as a solution, remind yourself that there is no guilt in removing yourself from those that do not appreciate, value, nor respect you. It is tough to walk away, but better things are up ahead – I know that you got this! Big Hug!

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