ShashaSelflove 3/12/20 – In Ruins

My life was in ruins and I found so much happiness in my loss. No, I haven’t lost my mind – just hear me out.

Life has a way of taking everything away from you – your belongings, your love, your patience and at times your safety nets. I cannot tell you the times that I sat at the edge of my seat wondering how much would be taken, only to stand up and received twice as much back. My perspective has refocused in a powerful way, because I no longer want back what I lost. What was lost was meant to be taken so that I would have the space in my life for better things. I have been invited into a bigger house, to walk though the door and feel at home. The break through happens when you let go because you remove what is blocking you along your path. My currency has changed from resistance to acceptance and now, it has more value.

Now, I look at ruin as an open door that I have to walk through, on the other side is the growth that I so desperately fear and deep down I know I need. As I near 40 (eeeek), I have a world of wisdom in my pocket and I am still accumulating as I go. Does it all make sense now? Loss is a part of growth, I have lost acquaintances that were temporary passengers in my journey, I have lost sleep wondering when the break was going to happen and I have been given patience through each lesson. Embrace the ruin, embrace the loss – you got this! Big Hug!   

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