@ShashaSelflove 3/31/20 – Stay Home

As an introvert, this whole social distancing idea suits me just fine. I live in New York and I have never witnessed the streets so empty. The obligation to keep ourselves and each other healthy helps stop the spread of a virus we don’t know much about. What we do know is that we are of service by doing something so simple. Stay Home.

My first few days working from home were filled with quiet comfort, while watching the news and watching my work email overflow with information – I saw my old computer. She is 22 years old, I didn’t think she would turn on. I started to fiddle with the cords and the printer, I had kept everything neat and I plugged everything in. She turned on, printer too. I was able to reroute wires and print from my phone to the printer, my work emails came out of the buzzing machine. Each day in quarantine has been filled with wires, instructional videos and trials. The computer itself functions, but won’t connect to wifi. The printer itself is useful as I don’t print much. What’s my point? There is plenty to do at home – just have to find it.

We have to see this on the other side, when it is over. I have seen how absolutely necessary every cashier, delivery service and cook is so essential – people didn’t appreciate them before. Have you started cooking at home? Didn’t do that as much before you had to stay home. Some have figured out how to have a business at home, others have gotten reacquainted with their sewing machines. A lot of good and new will come out of this, just look for it.

As the numbers of diagnosed go up, we are all reminded how important it is to simply cooperate with a life saving effort. Stay positive (and busy) we will get through this! Big hug!

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