@ShashaSelflove 4/07/20 – Everything Else

When was the last time you heard, “I am so proud of you”? It should have been this morning, right after you brush your teeth and you look for imperfections in the mirror. I would have loved to have heard it while you say it to yourself. Haven’t you survived your own life? I know I have. You have a lot to be in admiration of.

Today was one of those days, I had to say it to myself. I have an annoyance that I can’t quite get away from. I wrangle, set aside, walk away, laugh, smile, pray and always end up shrugging my shoulders. I have so much beauty around me that I want to appreciate it and I am not paying attention to a tantrum. Is it choosing my battles? Yes. I will be totally transparent about that. Is nonsense part of my fabric? No. Hence, I am not going to give it life – it is just there.

You have plenty to applaud yourself for, you have gotten this far haven’t you? We have life as the ultimate obstacle course and you are still here thriving in a world of uncertainty. Strength comes from tenacity, I have learned that over time. You are unwilling to give up your goals, your dreams and your peace. So go ahead, head up high knowing that you have put in your best and are striving for better. You got this! Big hug!

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