@ShashaSelflove 4/14/20 – The Next Step

The initial anxiety has subsided and some of the dust has settled, what now. During this tumultuous time the very best in people comes out and the opposite is true. With that information in hand, I have found myself being pushed towards decisions that I didn’t contemplate before. So what is my next step? If I may be completely honest, I have no idea. 

I was reading a saying, “Crisis doesn’t create character, it reveals it”, I kept reading it over and over. I glance away and to think about the reactions of the people around me. Some have been giving and patient, while others have been rude and inconsiderate. Is that who they were all along or is this a panic response? I can’t draw a clear line. What I can do is control my response and be mindful of not reacting. 

I shared with someone today that I am at a cross in my path and I am uncomfortable. The next step will reveal itself to me as long as I am patient with the process. Until I am at a place where I am comfortable and feel respected, every step I take is in the direction of achieving that goal. I want to be true to myself and I have to follow the advice that I try to share here – stay positive and stay the course. Big hug!

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