@ShashaSelflove 4/22/20 – Golden Hour

There is moment where you have to turn the corner and make a decision on how to change your situation.  You finally run out of excuses, you have enough time and you are no longer scared of success. It is the moment when everything that needs to your attention, gleams. 

I must admit, things have not been positive. I have seen the worst in people and at the same time I have witnessed the very best. Certain friendships took a step back to acquaintances and total strangers have become allies. All of it serves as clarity. The washing machine of information, news and opinion have refocused to where it is that I have been trying to go for a long time and have been putting it off. It is about embracing the pain of it all and use this as an opportunity for self improvement. We all know that this isn’t easy, it is mostly painful – anything worth obtaining is going to take some growing pains. 

I am pushing myself, I simply have to, in a direction that I have been avoiding for a long time. Why? Because I have become comfortable and that is a place that has no growth. I can’t allow myself to become content with stagnation. So here it is, my golden hour – shining in my eyes.  I can only ask that we all stay steady during this time, wear a mask, wash your hands and embrace all the challenges that come. Big hug! 

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