@ShashaSelflove 5/03/20 – Small

You have a purpose, personality and a path. It belongs to you, no matter how many people try to take it away from you – they simply can’t. What is meant to come into your life will make its way to you – sometimes you make it get to you quickly and at other times it may get to you slowly. What I struggle with is stepping into the dark corner, making myself part of the background and not stepping into my moment. But I am over it, frustrated by the lack of progress, I have decided that I am no longer going to make myself small or allow others to treat me that way either.

Ever been so frustrated that you have exhaled so hard that you cough? That is where I am, there are some that want me to stay small because I may outshine them or outsmart them. Has this happened to you? What did you do? I am tired of having my gear stuck on neutral, I am going to go ahead and allow myself to be at the podium. We all have our talents and strengths, what good does it do to when we are busy hiding our abilities instead of using them to aid our success?

So that’s it, I have to figure out a way to fit into a suit again. Ugh. I am not going say exactly what I think and I am going to pull out my diplomatic tool set. It isn’t being disingenuous. It is directing the narrative. This is going to be uncomfortable but we can no longer allow ourselves to be small. Big hug!

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