@ShashaSelflove 5/13/20 – Comfort

We have been experiencing some very real challenges,  collectively we have a shared a moment that will be studied in books of history and science – we will be able to tell future generations about this event. What did we do with this time?

At first, I honestly thought that I was going to be home for a week. I had cancelled a trip because of what was going in overseas.  So, I was on a semi-staycation – soon I realized the rest of the country was joining me. After about 2 weeks, I was trying to figure out how I was going to make use of my life. I signed up for some online courses, perfected my recipe for beignets, organized a library of books and I started a garden. I gave myself a lot of busy work while working from home, however I was not in a place of calm. I was not comfortable,  the last time I saw my City like this was during 9/11 – because I was so aware of this, what I decided to do was find comfort. Have you ever needed to figure out what would bring you peace? I had to dig deep into my thoughts and answer my own questions

What has brought me comfort is knowing that even though I am going through this challenging time, I am learning. Thinking from a place of positive thoughts and gratitude helps us realize that every hardship is placed in our path to help us grow and be redirected towards where we need to go. We can sleep easier knowing that our tool set is expanding. These are tough times, I am the first to admit it – I have seen the best and worst of people. Not every one shows their best during these times and we have to be wise to that. Your reaction is not needed right now, what is needed right now is your response, a well thought out experienced one. This is here to teach us more. Wear Your Mask and Big Hug!

2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 5/13/20 – Comfort

    1. It is not easy, but I have to walk away with something from this experience. Might was well learn a little something other than all the yoga moves that I can’t do.

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