@ShashaSelflove 5/26/20 – Embrace

Here we go! Let’s talk about what is behind you and what is coming ahead, there is a process along the way the helps you manage, overcome and accept. The experience is beautiful when you were living it and that stop along the way has taught you something you needed to learn, embrace the lesson and move forward – you have places to get to.

Every beginning is also an end – memories, people and experiences go with you, I have learned that in an eye opening way. I was ready to walk away from someone so many times and I simply couldn’t. There were so many lessons to learn and I am still learning. Forgiveness, patience, communication and difference were ideas that I had in my head in an idealist frame of mind. I have to learn to embrace the uneven reality of what those concepts look like in real life. We have all had to show ourselves patience and love during that time because we had to figure out how to manage and live through it.

Challenges make us priest, teacher and counselor to ourselves, talking to our mind to figure out yet another math problem life has thrown at you. Embrace yourself, have patience knowing that you are not limited – you are inexperienced. You are headed toward greater things! Big Hug!

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