@ShashaSelflove 6/11/20 – The Social Contract

I was not going to write this week, there are so many more important things going on in this world that I honestly don’t think that my contribution is needed. We are living in a pivotal time in American history, it is also a time to leave certain parts of the history of America in the past. Then there is my role as a Latin women, where silence on my part is no longer feasible.

I put this in my Facebook page and thought to repeat it. Agree with me or not, my opinion is for me to try to make sense of this. The issue is this, somewhere along the line the terms of the contract changed. The social contract is to discern and educate the difference between right and wrong – instead it changed to black and white. We were supposed to make a better society together and stand as one against the evils that tear at the fabric we are sewing together. The legacy of America is slavery, racism and inequality – but we can change that into a new legacy. We have the power to get back to the social contract that unites us as a people, not separate us as a color.

Recent times call out for change, there are changes that will help us push forward together as a community. Talks of defunding the police departments are a blind rage against a machine that was poorly put together. Police are a valuable resource to every community – we need to put in resources that can help the community after the initial contact is made. An police officer has the power to bridge the community to services that it very much needs – as a society we can support this effort. The police and the community are one when we can intertwine respect and value.

We all have our role in the social contract and, if done well – we can achieve great change in a positive direction. I believe that it can be done, we all have to come together and leave history in the past. I am not asking for patience, I am asking for peace. Just my two cents.


2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 6/11/20 – The Social Contract

  1. Very well spoken and I agree with what you said. We must all come together as one people, one Nation, in divisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL PEOPLE. When i was in the military and i was deployed to other countries, they never called us, “Black American or White American,” they just called us, “American.” When 9-11, happen we were truly the “United States.” Now we are not, because of ignorance and ignorance being empowered. When we bleed, we all bleed red. In short, “Stop the ignorance of racism” we will not survive as a country. Take the hand from in front of your eyes and see what is really happening.

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