@ShashaSelflove 6/23/20 – Getting There

I have been working, attempting to make my mark in my current role. I am itching to do more, to grow in what I do and show what I have in my tool box. I am restless, I want to master what I am currently doing and see the direction of where I am going next. The life long struggle has always been that many doors have been closed in front of me, but I kept knocking on more doors. Being stubborn has some benefits.

At 40, searching for new challenges seems like something I should leave to someone half my age. But, I don’t drink or do drugs, I get my kicks from winning intellectual debates and breaking down complex issues. I nerd out on S.W.O.T. analysis to make sure I am practicing what I have learned. Now, I am looking at what else can fit into my tool set. Do I need a saw or a sledge hammer? I don’t want invest my time into learning something I am never going to benefit from. Should I even learn something new? I know I have to learn to be patient and allow my skills to be seen – yet no amount of yoga, meditation or wine helps me calm my itching to take the next step. ooommmmyyywaayyytoogreaaateerrsuccessssssss

So I invite you to on this search with me, to search for your individual “next step” and manifest what will help fulfill you. You weren’t born to live a mediocre life, there is greatness inside you and there is something that you are absolutely excellent at – find it, master it and share it with the world! Big hug and wear a mask!

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