@ShashaSelflove 7/19/20 – Not Today

I haven’t posted in a while, how are you? Even though we are all staying home, I am busier than ever. Taking a bunch of online courses and I have learned how to grow tomatoes and lettuce – I always thought I had a broken green thumb, not true. Okay, here we go and back to the blog!

Having a positive mindset is not a denial of the hardships or negativity around you, it is being able to accept that life has ups and downs that can be embraced as growth. With that being said, you don’t have to tolerate someone demanding that you allow their nonsense in your life. What am I talking about?

Let me clarify, we have people in our lives that are challenging – aunties and siblings that are always in a messy mood. That is not who I am talking about (although don’t get caught up in that). Let’s discuss those individuals that are constantly demanding to be treated like they are an exception to the rules. We have seen them break the rules and social norms that we would not be allowed to disregard. However, you don’t treat them with exception – you treat them like you treat everyone else. You treat everyone with accountability, not harshly but you aren’t going to let anyone pull one on you. And guess what, they are not happy about it (surprised?).

Hence, being firm and consistent will provoke one of two reactions – they will run away or they will come to respect the boundaries that you articulate. When you take control and take authority of your life and how people treat you, you come into a better appreciation of what self-love is. It isn’t being a stuck up debutante, it is requiring that your circle value you in the way that makes you feel secure and safe with their presence in your life. You give permission for those close to you stay and you have every right to release them when you need to do so. I hope this all makes sense, because you deserve to be comfortable and respected. You got this!

Be safe, wear a mask, big hug!

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